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one of your female cooks spit on the floor as she was tending to food - disgusting
Hi, We supply Premium Quality Eco Friendly Disposables like Bagasse Takeout Containers, Plates, Bowls, Cups & Lids; PLA Compostable Hot & Cold Cups, Cutlery & Takeout Containers, Kraft Paper Takeout Containers, Paper Bags and Paper Straws. All our products custom with Custom Printing options. For more information, please see or call us on 416-907-9062.
The older male server is rude, while your eating without asking for your bill, he then just puts it i your table. Why can't he wait until u asked for it or even until You finished eating. Didn't even stay long, I was alone by myself and just went to grab a quick lunch. Sometimes you will just be amazed how people could be. No matter how affordable or good your food is when the people you hire have a rotten attitude then your place will be as rotten as your workers.